About Birdhouse

Birdhouse began with a mission: to make our roads safer. We have developed our patented device, the EyeAlyzer™. It is the first device which can accurately detect impairment from any drug almost instantly using the same proven eye tests that police officers currently use to screen suspects. The EyeAlyzer™ conducts these eye tests in virtual reality while analyzing the results computationally. The test also produces court-admissible videos which can be analyzed by trained police officers. This is vastly superior to other approaches, since THC concentration and oral fluid, breath, blood, and urine are not correlated to impairment, and cannot accurately confirm recent marijuana or drug usage. Birdhouse's EyeAlyzer™ also tests for multiple drugs at once, by directly measuring impairment, rather than a proxy.

The EyeAlyzer™: High on Accuracy

Accurately determines recent marijuana, alcohol, and recent drug use.
Gets results in minutes.
Determines impairment without a mouth piece and without collecting breath, oral fluid, blood, or urine.
Collects court-admissable videos of the eyes, which can be interpreted by drug recognition experts.

The Science

Utilizing the eyes as biomarkers for drug impairment is the most accurate way to directly quantify intoxication. The eyes have proven to be the key neurobiological indicator of impairment, as observed abnormalities in ocular motility provide diagnostic clues about drug use. Many abnormal eye movements are distinctive and point to specific attributes related to impairment, making them extremely useful in systematic examination. Eye movement patterns caused by cannabis that are as a sign of impairment include nystagmus, lack of smooth eye pursuit, lack of convergence, and rebound dilation.

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